I don’t know about you, but I find repetitive workout routines to be a bit dull. I just don’t like to do the same old thing all of the time. So when I would try to complete workout programs, I quickly became bored and tired with the routine. I also had problems with overtraining issues that came up (which I will talk about it in a different blog) due to too much work done on the same muscle or joint groups. But my primary challenge was that the routines just didn’t follow how I felt. So to solve my problem, I started studying the female body and how it reacts to stressors like exercise. I found out so much! Our bodies are totally different from men’s anatomy. And we don’t respond to training regimens the way that men do. So I started putting into practice what I learned on myself. The key is to match the workouts and the nutrition to how we feel on a daily basis.

You know me, while I love to study and learn, I don’t like to take things too seriously. So I came up with a code for how I feel from day to day. Then I match up my food choices, workout routines, and daily jobs based on the code. I use fun characters and types to personify how I feel emotionally and physically.

Wonder Woman – for the days that I feel strong and capable and ready to take on a new challenge.

Career Lady – for the days that I’m ready and energized to get the job done.

English Housekeeper – for the days that I’ve been reading or watching Austen or other English stories set in bygone days and feel the need to clean or de-clutter the house.

French Coquette – for the days I feel like being a little flirty with the hubby and cooking up some yummy food.

Crazy Hormonal Lady – for the days that I can’t decide whether to hide under the bedding or slam doors.

And finally my favorite – Mermaid – on the days that I’m ready to sit back with a margarita and just go with the flow.

You see, I have a lot of mood types in me just waiting to either lift me up or drag me down. The challenge is figuring out how to not fight these personality traits, but instead to make use of them. After all, whether I like it or not, they are not going away! So how do I use the traits to my benefit and how could you do the same?????

First, I try to gauge my energy levels when I wake up in the morning. This is key to figuring out whether I slept well and woke up rejuvenated or whether I’m in need of more rest. I could still be in any one of the moods above but have a little less or a little more energy than usual. Once, I know my energy levels and mood, I can then eat accordingly. Some foods are great for energy, others for comfort, still others for detoxing or cleansing the system. I pick a breakfast according to my needs, then decide on my workout style for the day. I aim for three strength workouts, three endurance (cardio) workouts, and daily flexibility and fascia release routines. The question is what routine to fill in each of those spaces. On a Wonder Woman day, I may do a challenging power lifting routine. Whereas, on a Career lady day, I may focus on a short intense cardio so that I can spend more time on work tasks. On Mermaid days, I go with a fluid yoga flow with great music.

As you can see there are so many possibilities, once we come to terms with the need to work with our bodies rather than against them. We simply have to stop trying to force our bodies to do things and be things that they aren’t!

In the next few blogs, I will go more in depth on specific workouts that are great for the different mood types above. As well as, mentioning some foods that work really well with each of those days.

I would love to hear about your mood days. Have you given them names?

P.S. Here’s a tip that I’ll cover in a future blog…. we don’t have to be chained to our moods. We can change them into what we want. Stay tuned.


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