Little. Black. Dress.

Do those three words make you anxious and self-conscious instead of excited to get out on the town?

The Little Black Dress Project is for you.

If you need a good shake up to break yourself out of a lifestyle rut, want to refresh your system after a period of extra indulging (like a vacay), or desire to feel and look your very best for an upcoming event, our program will help you get there in 28-days.

So you can be confident and stand tall while knowing you’re doing great things for your body!

The Little Black Dress Project

Our 28-day jumpstart program includes EVERYTHING you need to rock your favorite (or new) LBD!

In the LBD Project you will:

Learn healthy and delicious meal options

Easily pick proper portion sizes for you no matter where you are

Explore several different types of exercise

Practice self-care so that you’re refreshed for living your life

Be excited to go out socializing, knowing that you can still make healthy choices

Have more energy to do the things you want to do

Gain glowing skin

Boost your confidence so that you can say “Yes!” to the things that matter in your life

This easy to follow program means that for twenty-eight days, you can leave the planning to us, so that you can rest assured that you’re doing great things for your body and you’ll be rocking that dress in no time!

A clear plan so that you can get out of the planning phase


With so much on your plate, it is HARD to eat nourishing food and be active, even though you truly have the best of intentions.

And before you can even get started you have to find healthy recipes, plan your meals and grocery lists, and schedule your fitness routine and select your workouts; all while managing your home, keeping up with your daily work, and maintaining your social life.  

This program will equip you with all that you need to shake off your current routine and start fresh, without leaving you to figure out all of the details yourself.

We will guide you through the whole process so that there isn’t any guess work or wasted time.

you can come back and go through the program again and again any time you need a refresh or you’re prepping for a big day.

What's included in the LBD Project?


Dietitian-approved plans so you can be sure you're getting great nutrition


Prepare healthy options in the comfort of your own kitchen


No wasted time getting yourself organized for your shopping trips


Estimate a well-balanced meal no matter where you are


Because we would never ask you to be a shut-in for the duration of the program


To encourage and inspire you while giving healthy living tips


No guessing what to do, just follow the calendar for a balanced regimen


Follow along with our written workouts WITH videos and exercise tutorials


So you can put everything together with ease and confidence!

So get out your favorite LBD and get ready to HIT the town while putting your best foot forward!

Notes for our Perinatal Ladies


LBD Project is probably not the best choice for you.  The nutrition is high quality, but the workout calendar and style might be a bit much if you’re not already used to fairly high intensity workouts.  At this very important time in your life, we recommend a prenatal specific program for you.


LBD Project is a great choice for you, provided you have clearance to exercise and make a few adjustments.  First, if you’re nursing, you’ll need to eat larger portions and/or more often; follow your hunger cues.  As far as the workouts go, you can take your own pace.  The good news is, we filmed the videos when we were both newly postpartum, so we’re demonstrating the low impact versions of the exercises.

Let’s do this together!

We're here for you!

To your health,

Caroline + Leslie