My Top 5 Budget Friendly Foods!

My Top 5 Favorite Budget Friendly Foods!

I love to cook! My preference is for French-style cooking that uses minimal flavorings and techniques that allow the foods to speak for themselves. In order to get the best flavors, you have to start with the best ingredients that you can. So whenever possible, I get farm fresh produce and dairy as well wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats. However, this can start getting pricey very quickly....

What We Need to Eat (Micronutrients)

Now that you’re thinking about your macros (if you’re not, you should read Caroline’s post on it here), you’ll want to also consider your micronutrients.  These are nutrients that you need in trace amounts.  While we measure macros in grams on a nutrition label, micros are measured in milligrams.  If you simply think of the label of a multivitamin, you know many micronutrients.  These nutrients are known as vitamins and minerals, and they help your body to function optimally.  Most people assume that if they eat the right amount of calories, they will have the a good amount of energy, unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.  Nutrient deficiencies can make you feel sluggish and can negatively affect your body’s natural processes even if you’re eating the right amount of calories for your body.  (Counting calories is actually much harder than you think, but that’s another subject for another post. . .)

We all know that diets don’t really work, but do we really know what we should be eating?????????

We need Proteins, Fats, Carbs, (these three together are sometimes called macronutrients because we need large portions of them - macro) and water. How confusing is that? I hope that it’s not. These simple elements are the building blocks that our bodies use to energize, rebuild, detox, and heal. Let’s just take a look at each of these elements individually and then we can put them together into the perfect feast for the tastebuds.


Summer and Body Image

Summer and Body Image

Summer is here, and for many women, it is the most dreaded time of the year.  Not so much because of the heat, but because of the fashions, and most of all, the swimming pools and beach days.  Around spring break every year, it seems all of the gyms start telling us that we need to get our bodies swimsuit ready.  Mind you, they (whoever they are) have never seen us, but it’s safe to assume that however you look, it’s not good enough.  If you don’t start trying now, your summer is ruined.  If you haven’t kicked yourself into high gear by mid-May, never fear, because there are last minute cleanses that are guaranteed to help you “lose the weight fast.”  How you feel in the process isn’t really the concern, according to popular #fitspo, “pain is weakness leaving the body.”  The ONLY thing that should matter to you is that you aren’t good enough no matter where you are, and you should buy this to make you better!  

It’s exhausting. . .


Why I'm About to Offer Something That Everyone Says Not to Offer

Why I'm About to Offer Something That Everyone Says Not to Offer

One of the main points on which almost everyone seems to agree is to create a program with a start, a finish, and specific steps.  Don’t offer anything open ended.  So I avoided offering you exactly what I really wanted to give.  Another point that all the cool people say is imperative is that my offers MUST be authentic and in alignment with who I am and what I believe.  I decided that latter was more important to me than the former.  So I’m about to ignore what everyone says and will soon be offering an *GASP* open ended program.