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Your Coaches

Caroline and Leslie


Your Coaches

Caroline and Leslie


Salut, my name is Caroline and starting Santé with my sister is the culmination of many dreams. When I was in college, I was able to spend a year abroad near Lyon, France teaching English in their public school system.  Spending that extended period of time in the heart of French food culture allowed me to truly develop an appreciation of their culture as it relates to dining.  This inspired me to spend large amounts of time in my kitchen learning about the art of cooking and food presentation.  Fast forward a few years and three babies later, I became intrigued by the connection of the healthy foods that I served daily (as the French do) and how they affected my physical performance.  To stay in shape, I did resistance and cardio training, however, I was continually running into injuries in my pursuit to make progress.   So I began searching for therapeutic forms of exercise to aid in my healing process, and that is when I discovered how effective yoga is for overall physical health and well-being.  Since focusing just on yoga, I have gained more functional strength, balance, and flexibility than I had ever had before and I did it without any injuries.  I became a certified yoga teacher in 2015 so that I can share the benefit of yoga with others.  In order to combine my knowledge of yoga with my love for nutritious and delicious (I do not eat things that are not delicious!) foods, I became a certified health coach.  

"As an instructor, Caroline is realistic and encouraging.  She patiently watches and guides as I learn new elements of our routine. . .  I highly encourage you to give Carrie’s services a try. Experience what personalized yoga coaching can do for your health and well-being. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Mary S.



My name is Leslie and I am the co-owner of Santé with my sister, Caroline.  I learned through trial and error that when I eat high quality, nutritious food and engage in physical activity, I feel much better on a daily basis.  I started Santé to help other women develop that knowledge.  Throughout my life I had always felt like I was too heavy, and had tried going on many diets.  The results were always unsuccessful and discouraging.  However, I finally had a breakthrough in 2010 when two things happened.  First, I started on the Insanity DVD programs.  As I got stronger and lost weight while eating more than I was before the program, I gained confidence.  I decided to go for a long held dream of participating in a triathlon as a personal challenge (at the time, I could not run a single mile without stopping).  Since then I have completed triathlons of all standard distances, including a full distance Ironman event in The Woodlands, Texas.  The results of focusing on performance rather than dieting were unexpected.  My perspective of myself completely changed for the better.  I found I was no longer so concerned about the appearance of my body, instead I noticed how it functioned physically.  I was amazed that it could adapt to intense physical challenges so well, and I really appreciated what a gift an able body is.  Unfortunately, healthy eating did not come as easily to me as my enjoyment of exercise.  Slowly, I began to experiment more with the few vegetables that I found palatable, and then I eased my way into a healthier diet by means of small, simple changes.  All of these things have had a tremendous impact on my life, and so I decided to share my new found lifestyle with other women.  I became a personal trainer, but I wanted to approach health from a more holistic side than being all about exercise.  So I also became a health coach.  I am currently studying and teaching Pilates in preparation for my formal certification test in the summer.


"The workouts each week were great and she was always conscious of where I was ability wise along the way but still pushed me to improve my time and technique. . . She always stressed the importance of listening to your body, which is I think, one of the best things to have in a coach. . . She was always encouraging me! I could not have done it without her! I would recommend her in a heartbeat! Anyone, whether beginner or advanced, can benefit from having a coach, and Leslie is definitely a great one!”

— Hollie W.

What We Do


We are both certified but in different modalities.  Caroline is certified through White Crow Yoga in their 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher program as well as YogaFaith's 200-RYT program.  Leslie is certified through the American Council on Exercise in personal training.  The personal training certificate extensively covers traditional strength training and cardio-respiratory/endurance training.  She is also a Pilates instructor working towards a mat certification (in Pilates the certification process can take over a year, and teaching hours are a part of credentialing).  All of our certifications emphasize functional movement and mobility, meaning that your workouts will actually benefit you in your activities of daily life. We have studied a variety of modalities so that we can help you explore the various forms of exercise to find something that you love.  We also believe that a varied and balanced approach to exercise gets the best results for general health.  If you have specific athletic goals, we can customize a plan to help you reach them as well.  Whether you’re working toward ease of movement, toning and strengthening your muscles, or competing in your first triathlon, we can help you get there.


You may be thinking, what is health coaching?  We’re glad you asked!  This is a common question as health coaching is a fairly new field.  Health coaches are professionals that work with clients to help them achieve optimum health through step-by-step lifestyle changes.  We have training in fitness, nutrition, and behavioral interventions.  Behavioral intervention is a fancy way of saying we help you discover: 1) why there may be a disconnect between how you want to live your life and how you’re actually living your life, and 2) approaches to make the two look more alike.  Often, the triggers that promote unhealthy habits are not what a person thinks they’ll be.  Properly identifying the root causes of daily behaviors is key to developing an action plan for lifestyle change.  Since we have also complete studies in fitness and nutrition, we can guide you through the process of not only eliminating certain habits but also of creating new ones that align with your personal goals.

Health coaching is an extremely in-depth process, and is only available through our premium program, Find Your Balance.

*Notes about health coaching

There are many health coach certifications, and they vary greatly in their emphases.  So check your health coach’s certification credentials to make sure that they’re a good match for you.  A health coach is not a registered dietitian.  This means that we do not practice medical nutrition therapy, such as prescribing meal plans with the goal of alleviating specific symptoms or diseases (diabetes management is a common example of this).  Additionally, health coaches do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat diseases.  If you’re seeking any of those services, consult with a licensed healthcare professional.  The role of a health coach is to help you align your life habits with your goals, so after your consultation with your physician or dietitian, come see us again, and we will help you implement their suggestions into your life and keep you accountable to your lifestyle changes so that you can maximize the results of their advice.